PAC Committee 2019 – 2020

Below is a list of the current school year’s PAC Executive.  We will be working hard to make this school year great for you and your children.

We thank everyone for their numerous contributions, energy, time, commitment and enthusiasm they gave to benefit the school this year.

PAC Committee Roles are described here.

Can you help out?  Please let us know by emailing Being part of the PAC Executive is a great way to meet other parents and for you to have a direct effect on your children’s education.  There are also other ways to get involved at specific events.  Find out more.


Chair: OPEN

Vice-Chair: OPEN

Past Co-Chairs: Lisa Black & Chelsea Duhs

Co-Treasurers: Dina Daraee, Saiko Tachibana, Kenji Tachibana

Communications: Steph LeComte, Kate Pratt, Tania Pan

Co-Secretaries: Michelle Ross & OPEN

Class Parent Liaison: Yalda S.

Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Romero

Fundraising Coordinator: Rowena Veylan

District PAC Rep: Cindy Nairne

Member at Large: Linda Gour