Delicious! Voyageur Crêpe Event

Our children are looking forward to the Voyageur Crêpe Event on Wednesday, January 31.  It is a delicious event, and the crêpes are seemingly endless.

We create long feasting tables in the gym, and every student enjoys a delicious and decadent serving of crêpes.

This fantastic celebration, in recognition of Québec City’s Carnaval, depends entirely on your volunteer contribution. Volunteers are needed to make crêpes, bring syrup, bring berries, and to help set up, serve, and of course, clean up.  Please click on the following link to sign-up. Access is best from your computer (not so easy using a phone). Voyageur Crepe Event Sign-up Sheet

In support of our school’s continued effort to reduce waste we ask all children to bring their own ‘NON-DISPOSABLE’ plate, fork, knife, and cloth napkin to the event.  Plus a bag to carry it all home in.  Items will come home dirty … and sticky!


We especially need crepe contributions! There is a great, fool-proof crepe recipe on the Sign-up sheet. If you’ve never tried before, making crepes is fun, easy, and kids love to help!  You’ll need lots of eggs, milk and a crepe pan. Tip: The first few crepes are always a bit of a mess (samples for helpers)!

Please remember that this event does not provide the students with enough crêpes to replace their lunch, so be sure your child(ren) still brings their regular packed lunch that day.