Santa’s Workshop

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

This is such a special event! Kids come to school in PJs and visit our very own Santa’s Workshop (the beautifully decorated gym) to select, purchase and wrap presents for their immediate family.  All items are sold for $2.  It is a huge treat for our children to do this independently and actually surprise their family with a gift.  Usually they are the first ones that must be opened on Christmas morning!

To make this wonderful PJ PAC event happen requires a lot of coordinating, volunteering and gifts to be supplied.

Please think of Dads/Moms, teenagers, puzzles, games, books, mugs, sports items, household items (just no used clothing please)
…. did we mention Dads?  We are always short on these items!  More gift ideas are listed below.  We will also need gift wrap items, including gift bags and jewelry boxes.

Drop Off Donations and Gift Wrap

Every day starting December 3rd, donations of gently used items and gift wrap can be left before and after school in the boxes under the office’s front window.

Contribute to the event

Santa’s Workshop is a great community spirit event for our children, but also for us adults. Coming into the school to help out connects you with other parents, and can be a fun way to feel a part of PJ and pass an hour or two getting to know others.

We need help with:

Decorating the gym
Laying out the gifts

Helping at the event

Taking down decorations

Packing up un-sold items
Feeding the volunteers
Sorting presents
Washing stuffies
Organizing jewelry

Please think of what you’d enjoy doing and get a friend to sign-up with you. Sign up here.

Gift Ideas


Items will be accepted until Dec 17, but early donations are encouraged so everything can be sorted, stuffies can be washed, etc.

  • Dads and Teen Boys
    • Coffee Mugs
    • Ties, Wallets, Belts, Cuff-links, New Hats, New Socks, Scarves
    • Small Tools, Gardening Tools
    • CD’s/DVD’s, Video Games
    • Tins of tennis balls
    • Sleeves of Golf balls
    • Canucks or any sports related items
  • Moms
    • Vases
    • Jewelry
    • Decorative Items
    • Candles
    • Unused Bath and Beauty Products
    • Serving Platters
    • Kitchen Items
  • General
    • Picture frames
    • Games
    • Books
    • Toys
    • Agendas, Stationary