Shopping At IGA

Shopping at IGA Marketplace raised important funds for our PAC school initiatives. Last year, our school received a cheque for $1400!

How does it work?

It is like a loyalty card. Just carry it in your wallet. Every time you shop at any IGA Marketplace use this card to pay for your groceries. The school receives 4% of your total bill!

What do I do?

Pre-load your card with money $$ either a credit or debit card or cash BEFORE the cashier starts scanning your groceries.Pay for your groceries with the card.

What if I don’t have enough on the card?

You can re-load the card before or after your shopping.

Can I carry a balance?

Yes. It is like carrying cash. If you lose your IGA Marketplace card – you’ve lost your money.

If I’ve had the card for a while, how do I know how much is on my card?

You can always ask the cashier to tell you how much is on the card.

I don’t really shop at IGA.

By shopping at IGA maybe once a month or every other month – it adds up for our school. IGA Dundarave has lots of underground parking – don’t get wet in the rain!

Can I give one to family members?

Absolutely! Your brother, sister, parent – have them help us raise money!

Where can I get one?

The office has IGA Marketplace cards.