Speaker Session with Colleen Drobot

We are pleased to have Colleen Drobot, of Drobot Counselling, speak to our parent body on Wednesday May 9th, 1pm, in the PJ Learning Commons.

Colleen Drobot is a registered professional counsellor and parent consultant.  She is also an educator has 20 years experience working with children. She specializes in helping parents make sense of children from a developmental perspective. She is an adjunct faculty member of the Neufeld Institute and has worked with Dr. Gordon Neufeld for over a decade. Colleen is a mother of two and draws from her personal as well as professional experience.

She can address many parenting topics, including parental authority, approaches to discipline, sibling rivalry, and raising resilient children.

We asked the parent body to vote on the parenting topic they’d like to see covered and they chose:

Cultivating Resilience in Children

Humans are some of the most adaptive creatures on the planet.

Many of us are able to overcome adversity and find creative solutions to our problems, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Raising resourceful and resilient children has never been more important. Children must face disappointment, loss, and circumstances they cannot change.

How can we as parents cultivate resilience so that our children will not only endure these experiences, but will be able to gain strength and confidence in their ability to cope with them?

In this presentation, we will uncover the roots of resilience and offer ideas as to how parents can foster this process in their children.