Holiday Gift For PJ’s Non-Classroom Staff & Donation to Red Cross Local Flood Relief

We want to take a moment to recognize those that are a part of the PJ staff but in non-classroom teaching roles – our librarian, councilor, and custodian staff to name but a few. It may surprise you that there are 19 other non-classroom teachers and staff at PJ that all contribute to the spirit of the school and the experience that your children have while they are there.

We would like to purchase a holiday gift for these staff members and each will be accompanied by a personalized and hand written card that lets them know how important that they are to us, and our children.

We invite you to make a monetary contribution to this initiative through the PAC Online Store. Any funds raised above what is needed for the gifts will be donated, in the spirit of giving back, to support the Red Cross and their local flood relief program. Each year the PJ community raises money through our Santa’s workshop event and makes a donation on behalf of the school. This year, as we are not able to host a traditional Santa’s workshop we want to be sure to continue this tradition of support.