Fun Lunch

Fun Lunch is back!
 Registration and ordering are now open for grades K-7 at MunchaLunch

Fun Lunch will now be OPEN on an ongoing basis for ordering and editing lunch days that are at least  8 days out or more. If you would like to place your first order or add to your lunch order you can do so at any time by logging into your Munch a Lunch account. Please be sure to make payment on the spot so that there is no interruption to your child’s fun lunch as any unpaid orders will not go out.
If you would like to make a change to your lunch order this is available by pressing the ‘edit’ button once you are logged into your Munch a Lunch account. Please be sure to add toppings at the end of ordering and it is VERY IMPORTANT to hit the “RESUBMIT” button at the end of editing so as not to lose your whole order.

We are pleased to be able to offer the following menus:

Mondays: Sub Day with Subway 

Tuesdays: Pizza Day with Panago Pizza.

Wednesdays: Sushi Day with Yuki Maki Sushi

Thursdays: Favourites Day with Inn Cogneato

Fridays: International Day with Inn Cogneato  

How to Order in MunchaLunch:

1.    In MunchaLunch register your family 

2.    Click ‘Order Lunch!’ on the top menu bar and order one child at a time

3.    Make your selections as you move through each day’s menu

4.    You will have a chance to modify things like subway sandwiches and salads at the end of all of your ordering. 

5.    After making your selections, please go to the very last menu > click FINISHED > Next > SUBMIT > you will then be taken to the payment page to complete your order.

*Note: The Munchalunch system is better suited to ordering items like Subway sandwiches and should eliminate any difficulties parents were previously having ordering these items.

** Important Note: for hygiene reasons, students must bring their own cutlery from home – cutlery will not be available at the school.

Questions can be sent to Virginia Calvo at