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“Untangling Anxiety for Parents” March 5, 2024 with Paula Foran
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AGM guest speakers September 21, 2022
Supporting Your French Immersion Student at Home with Mme Cindy Stevenson
Canadian Parents for French with Alma Lizárraga Malhotra

Body Science and Sexual Health Parent Workshop May 17, 2021
with Saleema Noon/Julie Prodor

A Positive Mental Health Spotlight May 4, 2021
with Hayley Winter with Refuel Health and Wellness.

Enhancing Positive Mental and Physical Health pre-teen program

What’s New and Exciting For Families at the Library, and Tips for Developing and Striving Readers April 14, 2021
with Shannon Ozirny, Head of Youth Services WVML

It Could Happen to Anyone  April 8, 2021
with Camilla Ho of PLEA Children of the Street Program
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Resources for supporting parents in having these conversations with their children:
Infographics on warning signs, online exploitation, and sexting Safe Campaign
This Amazing Story podcast: Camila Jimenez – Protecting Youth and Children From Sexual Exploitation