Student Release Drill

Student Release Drill

All day
June 3, 2022

One afternoon every two years, the staff and students of École Pauline Johnson participate in an earthquake drill, followed by the Student Release Drill. We hope that these simulated drills give the school important feedback on some of the issues that we may encounter in the event of a real emergency and allow us to troubleshoot potential solutions. This exercise is common practice in all West Vancouver Schools and takes place rain or shine.  The drill begins with a drop, cover, and hold practice. The school then is deemed safe and students and staff are advised to seek shelter within their classrooms. Upon completion of the earthquake drill, we immediately begin the student release process. A Reception Center is set up in the PJ Gym and parents or an approved alternate (listed on the Emergency Student Release Form) are asked to report to the Reception Centre to pick up their child(ren). It is important to note that in the event of a real emergency, the reception area could be set up in an entirely different location depending on a number of different factors, including structural damage and weather conditions.  

During a release drill, we ask for parent/guardian assistance. Parents/Guardians would be asked to...pick up their child(ren) beginning at 1:30pm. If this is not possible, students are dismissed at the regularly scheduled end of day dismissal time.  Children will only be released to a parent or guardian listed on the Emergency Student Release Form sent in at the beginning of the school year.  If the person picking up your child is NOT listed on this form, they will NOT be allowed to sign your child out.  

Children will only be released to a parent or guardian that is able to produce a valid PICTURE ID.  If no picture ID can be produced, the student will not be able to be released until the regular end of day dismissal time.  Please be mindful and respectful of this as the school will be engaged in out-of-the-norm operations and needs to focus entirely on the success and functionality of the Drill at hand.

The procedures are as follows:

  1. If arriving by vehicle, please park along 22nd or Jefferson.

  2. Report to the Reception Centre in the gym. Access the gym through the southwest outside gym door (near the portables).  Look for the “ENTER” sign. All other doors of the school will be locked.

  3. Line up according to your last name.  Look for alphabet signs to help you. (“A-D”, “E-K”, “L-R”, “S-Z”)

  4. Please have your identification ready (picture, government-issued ID).  Students will be released only to the parents of the student and those individuals named on the emergency contact forms WITH A GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID.

  5. If you are picking up students from another family, you MUST HAVE ID and MUST BE LISTED ON THEIR EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM.

  6. Once you have checked in, you will be asked to sit in a designated waiting area in the gym while a runner retrieves your child(ren) from the classroom(s).

  7. Any students who do not have a parent arrive early to take part in the release drill will be dismissed at the regular end of day dismissal time.

Once paperwork and identification has been completed, students will be retrieved from classrooms and placed into your care as quickly as possible.  Conducting such drills allows us to review and refine our school’s preparedness for a real emergency in an orderly way.

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