PAC Executive

We are excited to have the opportunity to work hard to make this school year great for you and your children.


Chair: Rowena Veylan

Past Chairs: Monique Schelle, Robin Turnill

Co-Treasurers: Bartek Kienc, Tayo Adeniyi

Class Parent Liaison: Devika Ahuja

Communications: Steph LeComte (website), Nazanin Parivar (social media), Vicky Rhodes (e-bulletin)

Secretary: Maria Bird

Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Wang

DPAC Representative: Maria Bird

Fundraising Coordinator: Sophie Mao

Fun Lunch Coordinator: Emma He

PJ Park Committee Representative: Laureline Balzan

Members at Large: Sydney Smith (CPF), Ryan Bruce, Bartek Kienc

PAC Executive Roles are described here.

Can you help out?  Please let us know by emailing Being part of the PAC Executive is a great way to meet other parents and for you to have a direct effect on your children’s education.  There are also other ways to get involved at specific events.  Find out more.