PAC Executive

We are excited to have the opportunity to work hard to make this school year great for you and your children.


Co-Chairs: vacant

Past Chairs: Claudia Chavez & Barry Nguyen

Co-Treasurers: Puja Suri & Bartek Kienc

Secretary: vacant

Communications Coordinator: Steph LeComte and vacant

Volunteer Coordinator: Olivia Zishiri

DPAC Representative: Anna Chen

Fundraising & Events Coordinator: Jenny Cha

Members at Large: Laureline Balzan (Canadian Parents for French)
Vacant (Spirit Committee Leads)
Aaliya Gradley (New Families Representative)
Paige Huford Yamini (Class Parent Liaison)

PAC Executive Roles are described here.

Can you help out?  Please let us know by emailing Being part of the PAC Executive is a great way to meet other parents and for you to have a direct effect on your children’s education.  There are also other ways to get involved at specific events.  Find out more.