PAC Meetings

PJPAC meetings are held to discuss matters affecting our school and your children’s experience at PJ. Parents’ voices are of tremendous value to our school and we welcome new ideas and initiatives.  We encourage all parents/guardians to attend.

Council Documents

PAC Budget 2023-2024
École Pauline Johnson PAC Constitution and Bylaws

Upcoming Meeting Dates
Click on the date to find agenda and documents relevant to that meeting.

2024-2025 schedule available soon

Previous Meeting’s Minutes
We maintain the minutes of all PAC meetings.  Having a read through the latest minutes is a great way to stay informed if you miss a meeting.

June 11, 2024 AGM minutes
May 7, 2024 minutes, recording
February 13, 2024 minutes
January 19, 2024 minutes
October 10, 2023 minutes
November 9, 2023 minutes
2022-2023 Meeting Minutes