About PAC Fundraising

PJ Parent Advisory Council (PAC) works throughout the year to raise funds that support many of the school’s activities and projects. Fundraisers for the 2020/2021 school year are the following:

Money raised has been used to fund the library renovation, the PJ Community Park and the kitchen renovation.   Additionally, PJ PAC fundraising goes towards enhancing Athletics, Music, Library, Computer and Technology and Outdoor Play programs and supports our children’s learning by providing teachers with funds for their classrooms. These funds are also used to host special events, including the following:

Programs that are part of our children’s health and safety education are also directly funded by parents, either entirely or in a cost-sharing formula.

  • $12000 towards the Grade 7’s annual Québec City Trip
  • Grade 4/5 Bike Safety
  • Educational Speakers for students and parents
  • Emergency Preparedness: St. John’s Ambulance First Aid for Gr 6 & Earthquake Safety plans
  • Health Education with Saleema Noon
  • SafeTeen Programming