Parent Education Session: ‘Untangling Anxiety for Parents’ with Paula Foran on January 31

On Wednesday, January 31 PAC is hosting a parent education event. Join us from 6:30 to 8:00pm in the library for Untangling Anxiety For Parents with Paula Foran. Register here to attend in person event, or watch on Zoom.

This workshop will give an overview of:
-What stress and anxiety are and how they impact the body, brain and behaviour
-How anxiety can impact the family
-The problem with accommodation (avoidance)
-What is typical worry and what is problematic anxiety
-When to ask for help
-Strategies to support your child in anxious moments
-Routines and build joy and connection
-Strategies to cope with parent anxiety and worry (self-care and compassion)

Does it seem like parenting is much harder today than when you were a kid? Growing up (in the ‘80’s…) my parents didn’t really seem worried about life’s ups and downs, and when things were difficult it was a “keep calm and carry on” (pretend we are OK) vibe. The world and parenting has come a long way since the 80’s (and not just better hairstyles.) When you have been parented in a certain way and then the world changes (drastically) you really do need to work at it a bit and rethink how children of today need to be parented in what has been labelled the age of anxiety. Personally, I would like to relabel it as the age of finding joy. I have learned a few things as a teacher, counsellor and parent of a 20-year-old and a 15-year-old. I believe that it is crucial to be intentional about finding positive moments, laughter and joy and sharing these with our children. I have also learned that “keep calm and carry on” is a pretty good message when infused with empathy, understanding of emotions and your important role in being a strong, reliable, and connected parent that copes with stress in healthy ways. No matter what your child bumps up against in their journey toward adulthood coping with stress and anxiety builds resilience and overall positive mental health and well-being. This enhances their sense of self, builds positive relationships with others so that they may thrive in their personal and professional lives.